Thursday, January 30, 2014

another digital tutorial i did!

It is a little off in a few places. I really struggled with the face, I think i just messed up my underdrawing. But here it is! I need a lot more practice but it's coming together!

Monday, January 27, 2014

as of right now this is my final logo

collaborative comic and thoughts

I just wish the story had a little more action. The characters matched their descriptions pretty good from the script from what I could tell but the entire story they are sitting in a coffee shop. I really wish I had a chance to draw these creative characters doing something more than just sitting down for the most part. Also in the script there was ALOT to put onto the first page, a lot of backstory. I did what I could and I added some text in there to try and clarify what was going on, I hope you all can understand it. I feel like it should have been a tad more pages, but I tried my best to follow the script. Overall I think it is decent but may new a little confusing to read!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

first ever digital painting tutorial I did (the ball)

more logo designs without title... still need to be worked on

card deck proposal with imagery I am going for...

Britney Boswell Illustration 4 Card Deck Proposal Spring 2014 For my card deck I am working collaboratively with two other students to create a card game known as Ascension. Although the idea behind the game itself is not mine, I have full freedom over what I want to turn these ideas into. I have chosen eighteen card ideas to portray and will be working digitally. This is my first time working with digital but I plan on and have already watched a lot of tutorials to get very familiar with the process and catch up to my fellow students. The card deck that I create will be full on illustrations. You will be able to use them for not only the card deck but for other things as well. I will be working 6.75x4.875inches, which will be converted to 2.25x1.625inches to fit on the card. Apart from the eighteen illustrations, I will also be working with my group to design the 54-card box for our decks. My separate eighteen cards will be in an eighteen-card foil wrap, which will then be placed in the fifty-four-card box. For inspiration I have looked at some of my favorite TV shows, movies, and games. I drew inspiration from the TV show, “Supernatural” and also the movies “Harry Potter”, “Lord of the Rings”, and “ the Hobbit”. I have also looked at fantasy games like “the legend of Zelda” and card games that Matt sent me information on. Over all I am extremely excited for this challenge, not only to make some great illustration work but to also work digitally for the first time while doing it!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ROUGH sketches of logo ideas for Illus. 4!

Company name: Kleanots These small robots may be little but they know how to push a broom around! They are much more efficient then any other cleaning company and way cheaper! Anyone can afford them, it only takes a couple of quarters! These guys were created from scrap metal at the junk yard and they will work until you tell them they are finished. Then they will report back to their station. If you want a clean house, apartment, building, office space, etc, call the kleanots! Theres no mess these bots can't handle.

comics 2 interior silhouette

Monday, January 13, 2014

examples of creative logos for Project 2

I think that the coffee logo is my favorite i like the simple design of all of them.